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Welcome to Creative Engagement Consulting! We are a team of experts specializing in instructional design, eLearning development, and client-focused content creation. Our main goal is to assist you in developing high-quality training programs that engage learners and drive measurable results. We pride ourselves in using the most effective tools in the industry, such as Articulate 360, Camtasia, Captivate, Vyond, and more, to create immersive and interactive learning experiences. Our team works closely with you to understand your unique needs and tailor our solutions to meet them, ensuring optimal outcomes every time.

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Creative Solutions for Engaging Learning Experiences

Whether we are utilizing existing assets, converting instructor-led materials, or starting from scratch, our practical and focused-approach in creating on-demand content allows clients to customize learning paths to meet varying development needs.

Instructor-Led Training

Classroom training led by an actual instructor is still a viable option in the workplace — virtual and in-person. We help clients determine how to best implement this strategy in alignment with short-term and long-term objectives. Then, we design the courses.

Multimedia-Rich Content

Studies have shown that people tend to remember information more effectively when it is presented in multiple formats. We look for genuine opportunities to include multimedia elements such as videos, images, audio, and interactive simulations in our designs to elevate learner engagement.

what’s in it for you?

When partnering with Creative Engagement, you get the unprecedented experience and expertise of the firm’s fearless leader, Jacqueline Jones, and her ability to pull together the best team for your project. Here are few things previous clients had to say.

“I have worked with Jacqueline at both Compass Group and Diversonomix. She is an outstanding professional with true passion for her craft and that passion shows through in both her work and the product she delivers for her customers. Working with Jacqueline was a pleasure!”

Joseph Machicote

HR, DE&IB, and Cultural Engineering

“Jacqueline was an inspirational teammate who always saw the “big picture.” She brought years of diverse life and work experiences that expanded her understanding of target audiences, and her ability to focus presentation objectives, enabled her to create extremely effective projects. Jacqueline’s understanding of colleagues’ strengths facilitated collaborations that helped each member maximize their contributions to group projects. She demonstrated an ability to work well independently, as well as part of a team, always producing work of very high quality.”

Catherine Yoho

Lead Teacher at John Muir Charter School , California Conservative Corps

“Jacqueline was engaged to train one of our client companies. She was a pleasure to work with and the client loved her. To perform well, Jacqueline was required to learn a new, complex system very rapidly in order to travel around the country training at client locations. I found Jacqueline very easy to work with and she provided added expertise to the client which made our company look even better. I hope to engage Jacqueline again on future projects.”

Lonnie Harmon

Director of Operations, Thought Leadership Leverage

“Jacqueline is one of the best trainers and educators for adults that I have ever worked with because of her high IQ and EQ levels. She is a great combination of academic knowledge and real-world applicability. Her point of strength is her ability to provide real world examples of the subject matter she is educating people on. Finally, she does it all with a great sense of humor and engaging personality. Had I the chance to work with Jacqueline, I would do so in a heartbeat.”

Michael Potvin


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